Breakthrough Family ... touching lives, shaping destinies .
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Pastor A.T. Willaims was born of humble parentage in a God fearing home. Early in life, he had his primary and secondary education in Oyo State where he excelled in his studies. While in school, he showed a determination to study at the highest level due to his diligence thus he made spirited moves to actualise his ambition by securing admission into the tertiary institution. In spite of the financial constraints occasioned by the unfortunate demise of his loving mother at a tender age. The loss of his mother early in life turned out to be part of God's grand design to use Pastor A. T. Williams for the work of the ministry early in life.

During the course of his academic pursuit, he lived in a foster home. Like every young man, he had ambition to travel abroad for further studies. This apparently was not the design of the Almighty in His ordering of Pastor Williams's life even when men who caught the revelation of God's anointing in his young life offered to assist in his bid to travel abroad.

Pastor Williams's sought first the kingdom of God and all he wanted to gain by traveling abroad were abundantly given to him.

In the early part of his life, he had the privilege of knowing that praising God always open the doors of his blessings and facilitates breakthrough, Impossibility is a word you can never find in the dictionary of Pastor Williams, a man given to constant fasting and all day long prayers. The wisdom of God has overtly displayed in his handling of matters and the spirit of excellence are all attributes the Almighty has deposited in Pastor's life to equip him to take on the kingdom of darkness.

God in His grace has rewarded Pastor A. T. Williams, an Apostle of breakthrough with immense blessings of authority in the word, prayer, healing signs and wonders which have resulted in immeasurable breakthroughs in the lives of people who God has used him to touch both home and abroad, accompanied by testimonies.

He is happily married to Omowumi.