Breakthrough Family ... touching lives, shaping destinies .
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The Origin

The Lord appeared to his son about 8 years ago. In that encounter, he saw an object with inscriptions. Go ye into the world, preach my words, save souls, deliver the sick and support less privileged in the society. The anointed man of God was marvelous about this revelation particularly at the early state of his ministerial calling.

He then enquired from the Lord the way forward on the specially assigned tasks and the resources for their accomplishment. The Lord then reappeared to him with another inscription why are you bothering with resources when I have surrounded you with numerous great partners for my job. This is the beginning of the race for A. T. Williams Ministries .


I. To win soul for Christ by re-directing the paths of the lost ones and saving the lives of people who accept Christ.
2. To touch/reach the less privileged souls and give them a sense of belonging to live a fulfilled life.
3. To touch lives and shapes destinies through proper interpretations of the word and consistent applications of praise, fasting and prayer.
4. To rekindle the spirit of brotherhood and love in every member of the church in particular and the body of Christ in genera!.

Operational Departments
* Breakthrough Global Outreach: Evangelism
* Breakthrough Communications: TV & radio programmes, Editing Suite video and audio Recordings
* Breakthrough Bible college
* Breakthrough Charity
* Breakthrough prints: Publishing of books, journals and magazines

Be Our Partner
To a raise a generation of dedicated partners who shares and subscribe to above vision and are without peculiar doctrinal leaning.

The partnership shall be made up of 3 Grades viz.
* Elite Silver member
* Elite Gold member
* Elite Platinum

Benefits of Partnership
* Annual Dinner prayers
* Bi-annual prayer meetings
* Standby online prayer help line
* Special Annual Dinner prayer for Gold and Platinum members.

Dr. Mr. Mrs.
Full Address:
City & State
Phone Numbers
Type of Partnership: Tick as appropriate
Silver Member
N1,000 - N5,000
Gold Member
N60,000 - N100,000
Platinum Member
N100,000 - above
I hereby commit myself to the Partnership the sum of
as my monthly yearly seed.