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We Welcome you to our Church, Your Church

If you live in Lagos, why not consider worshiping the Lord with us? On this page, we have carefully answered some questions you might like to consider before coming to our Church. These, we believe, will help you make up your mind to join us this Sunday. If you still have further reasons to ask more questions concerning our Church or Christian issues in general, do not hesitate to call us on these numbers:
Or send your emails to:,

Remain blessed.

How Can I Locate the Church?
The Church is located at 11-15, Breakthrough Avenue, Off CMD Road, Ikosi Lagos. Alternatively, you can call these numbers: 234-1-7747423 for direction. Also, on getting to Ketu, feel free to ask any passer-by or commercial transporters the direction to Breakthrough Church. If you are good at studying maps, you could follow the map below to locate the church. Its easy.

Do you have a parking space for cars? Is my car safe?
Yes, the church has almost an acre of land for parking space. Apart from this, there are safe spaces around the church where visitors and members can park. This is done under the watchful eyes of the Church Traffic managers, Christ Marshal. We however ask you to cooperate with them so as to guarantee the safety of your property.

Do you have classes for Children? Who are their teachers? What facilities do you have in there?
Our Children ministry is housed in a special building. This underscores the importance we attach to our children and their future. The Children are taught by qualified hands, trained teachers, mother and fathers who have enough compassion and patience to cope with the onerous demands of children.
Relying on the word of God as precepts, our children ministry has succeeded over the years to mould the future leaders to become happy children and great leaders in the future. The Ministry is co-ordinated by Deaconess Oviasojie and about 10 other teachers.

If my child needs my attention while I am in the service, how do I know? Do I need to worry about the child's welfare?
You do not need to. Handlers of Children ministry are qualified educationally and spiritually to handle them. Experience has shown that no children really look for parents when under their care. They have facilities to engage children's attention throughout the service such that even after service, many of them do not love to go home. However, we do allow parents to come in once in a while to peep at their children, if only to assure them that their children are safe. The church frowns at the habit of keeping children above six months with their parents in Church.

After Church service, what next? Go home?

How do I see the Pastor at a short notice?

Do you Fellowship during the week?

I have a very stubborn child, how can you help me?

How can I join the Church Choir?

If I have a suggestion, or I have a reason to complain, to whom can I go?

How can I help the church? What are the things, facilities you need that I can help with?