Breakthrough Family ... touching lives, shaping destinies .
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God of Glory Christian Church, also known as The City of His Presence had a humble beginning in 1996. Today, the church has grown into a sanctified ultra-modern two-wing auditorium.

Since 1996, the Church witnessed the providence of God. Dumfounding is the growth of the church that it is generally agreed that such feat is only possible through covenant and anointing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Strategically placed at this end-time to preach the post-edenic ministries of our Lord Jesus, the Church has a vibrant branch at Ibadan, Oyo state currently working towards the completion of an ultra­modern edifice to assuage the thirst for worshiping God in a conducive ambience.

The Church has recently opened another branch known as Grace Court at Lekki, which is gradually gathering strength to make its impact on the people living in the area.

Since 1996, members from both within and outside the country had witnessed immeasurable miracles and encounters with God. Diseases have disappeared, homes restored, promotion gotten, lives touched and destinies changed. Apart from the engrafted word and fervent prayer said in the church, The City of His Presence has been militant in praise ministration. Congregants must have lost count of praise programme and the gospel musicians who have found a home in the church.

Dedicated by Prophet S. K. Abiara of CAC. Agbala Itura Worldwide on 7th January, 1996, the Church is moving with time, using timely technology to preach the timeless truth.

“It is a miracle.” Pastor A. T. Williams said at the Church dedication. “We were able to build the church without launching an appeal fund or taxing the church members. Voluntarily and willingly, people came in and gave".

As the Pastor gazes on God for greater height, those who have sensed and tapped into the anointing on the man of God have incessantly prophesied that the buildings and the present location of the church will be too small for the explosion it will witness shortly. The various programmes of the church propped by the militant departments and commitments of the pastorate have assisted so many people to surmount the challenges of life, to grow and develop.

Great testimonies have been rolling in within the short time God established His church. It is instructive to reemphasize the word of the man of God that "God will not raise up His church for the devil to bring it down. He would not be the Alpha without being the Omega. God will not start what He cannot finish. Whatever He has started, He will complete".

Deployed to propagate God's plan for man are various church activities and programmes. These have blessed homes, reordered lives and shaped destinies.

Our programmes include the Weekly Sunday service, Wednesday Midweek Service and Friday Prayer sessions. The early Monday morning One-hour-with-God seeks to put you in good tempo for the week, while the monthly Breakthrough Night is a yoke breaking period which comes up from early midnight to the wee-hours of the morning.

Deployed to build the spiritual being of members are programmes like the Businessmen Fellowship, a regular prayer session for the business Class and Pastor's Praise Night which is one of the biggest gospel music ministrations in the country.