Breakthrough Family ... touching lives, shaping destinies .
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Monday. One hour with God 6am - 7am
Wednesday Feast of Miracles 11am - 1pm
Sunday Breakthrough Service .8 - 10:30am
1st Sunday Miracle of the Praise Altar 8am - 11am
Last Fridays Breakthrough Night 10pm - 4am
2nd Fridays Royal Women Night  
3rd Fridays Glory Star Night 12:00 - 2am
3rd Fridays Royal Men Evening 6pm - 8pm
(Specific dates
would be announced)
Upper room Sunday
Holy Communion Service
Anointing Service
Val on Red Carpet February   Glory Star Convention August
Mothers' Day March   Afro-Cultural Sunday August
Palm Sunday ... March/April   Inter Fellowship Competition September
Good Friday . March/April   Royal Women's Convention September
Easter Sunday March/April   Royal Men's Convention October
Children's Week May   Family Thanksgiving December
Pentecost Day May   Feet Washing Service December
Jersey Night June   Pastors Praise Night December
Old School Sunday June   Christmas Carol December
Fathers' Day .June   Cross Over Night December 31st