Breakthrough Family ... touching lives, shaping destinies .
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This mercy and favour of the Lord are evident in the progress our Church has made over the years. The miracles of our Lord have never been in short supply, evil has been far from us and gratitude to God takes residence on our lips. Without doubt, we are marching on within the providence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In our march towards the fulfillment of the vision and commission the Lord placed on our hands, this th Breakthrough Convention is packaged to usher the children of God in to His glorious presence. The tables of our lives are set to turn through divine intervention. The Lord is set to touch lives and shape destinies through the powerful ministrations of the invited generals of the gospel who have devoted their lives to the work of our father who is in heaven.
I urge all Christians around to take advantage of their presence, anointing and vision to improve their lives and mount up with wings as the Eagle. We declare our unflinching confidence in the power of the living God. We declare that his purpose for His children, which informs the theme of this convention, shall not perish from the vision in our minds.
You will be mightily blessed.

Abidemi T. WilliaMS,
General Overseer.